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DEWESoft Products

DEWESoft Instruments

Dewesoft Data Acquisition products are modular and easy configurable to achieve any channel count turnkey system, while faster and lower speed hardware is 100% synchronized. DEWESoft has a wide range of applications in General Test & Measurement, as well as Aerospace, Automotive, Marine, Educational, Research and Manufacturing.

The versatile DEWESoft Instruments can collect data from almost any type sensor, all come bundled with the powerful and easy-to-use DEWESoft X2 Software (Prof + CANOption) featuring multiple modes for Setup, Monitoring, Data recording and replay, Analysis and report building.

Dewesoft provides in addition to the standard functions specialized modules for Order tracking, Modal analysis, Automotive brake testing and more …

DEWESoft X2 Software

DEWESoft Products

DEWESoft X2 version is super-fast:

  • Fast Graphics,
  • Fast
  • Analysis & Fast Reaction Time 

New features include:

  • File Import/Merge,
  • Faster XML,
  • Grand View (allowing the review of stored data during data acquisition)
  • CAN off-line decoding
  • Improved Video to H.264, System Monitoring
  • SIRIUS® line of instruments

    SIRIUS® line of instruments

    Advanced DAQ Instruments for measurement of any kind of signal, anywhere, in any environment with flexibility, precision and ease of use.



    MINITAUR-s is a perfect compact all-in-one instrument based on the SIRIUS dual core ADC technology, offers a dynamic range of 160 db. and has eight universal analog input channels, eight high-precision counter inputs and 1 CAN port for automotive applications.

  • SIRIUS & SBOX Waterproof

    SIRIUS & SBOX Waterproof

    Advanced DAQ Instruments for measurement in eXtreme Environments. They are rugged, IP67 and work flawlessly in harsh environments such as snow, rain, water, mud and can be submerged underwater.

  • DEWE-43


    Award winning USB DAQ system. Small, powerful and smart! DEWE-43 has eight dynamic analog inputs, "universal" type, which can handle strain gages and voltages up to +/-10V

  • KRYPTON DAQ Modules

    KRYPTON DAQ Modules

    KRYPTON DAQ modules are engineered precisely to withstand all conditions and operate flawlessly in cold places, hot places, dust, mud, water and snow. KRYPTONs are shock proof, vibration proof, milled out of a full block of aluminium and filled with rubber making them fully waterproof

  • EtherCAT add ons

    EtherCAT add ons

    1. ECAT Sync Junction – enables hardware data synchronisation between DEWESoft USB Instruments (eg. SIRIUS & DEWE-43) with DEWESoft EtherCAT Instruments such as KRYPTON DAQ Modules
    2. ECAT Power Junction Box – connects KRYPTON or SIRIUS to the power supply & data cables
    3. ECAT Power injector – IP67 Additional Power Source when items are daisy chained together
  • Data Acquisition Accessories

    Data Acquisition Accessories

    Displays, Batteries, USB Hubs, Mounts

  • DSI Adapters


    With the next generation of the DSI adapters DEWESoft® DAQ modules become universal signal input ready to connect almost any sensor. The DSI adapters contain the electronics for the sensor input, calibration data, identification and the input sensor connector. Everything inside the small and rugged DSUB-9 housing.

  • Aerospace Instruments – Telemetry Ground Station Solution

    Aerospace Instruments

    PCM Telemetry Stream is a dual channel PCM Telemetry Processor with a maximum stream rate of 40 Mbit/second. Channel 10 Analyser Software + DEWESoft X2 Software – provides the capability to record and playback IRIG-106 Chapter 10 files Providing the complete, all-in-one processing and recording package for the ground station.

  • Cameras


    High Resolution, Robust & Synchronised Cameras for applications requiring Video which is synchronised to a dynamic sample rate. Ideal for Vehicle Dynamics, Machine Diagnosis, Preventive Maintenance, Automotive Crash Testing, Manufacturing and Logistic and Transportation

  • Navigation Instruments

    Navigation Instruments

    DEWESoft inertial measurement systems are ruggedised and reliable GPS aided that provide accurate, position, velocity, acceleration and orientation under demanding conditions

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