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  • 8 multisensor inputs with 200 kS/s@24 bit per channel synchronous.
  • 2 optically isolated high speed synchronous CAN ports.
  • 8 super-COUNTER synchronous (Nano-sec resolution).
  • Wi-Fi (WLAN), LAN, UMTS/GSM, Internet@ … modem.
  • 100 Hz GPS with differential RTK (2 cm resolution).
  • Absolute time synchronization.
  • Synchronous VIDEO camera.
  • Core2Duo 2 GHz processor, 128 GB flash HDD (480 GB option).
  • Windows® 7 and DEWESoft™ monitoring/analysis software.
  • -20° to + 60° C operating temperature (non-condensing)


MINITAURs is fully packed with the latest technology and a perfect compact all-in-one instrument. Based on the SIRIUS® dual core ADC technology offers amazing dynamic range of 160 db. MINITAURs has eight universal analog input channels, eight high-precision counter inputs and 1 CAN port for automotive applications.

Tech specs

InputsVoltage, full bridge strain, 1⁄2 bridge strain, 1⁄4 bridge strain (120Ω and 350Ω), current (ext. Shunt)
ADC Type24bit delta sigma dual core with 100/5 kHz analogue anti-aliasing filter (High Dynamic, up to 160 dB)
Sampling RateSimultaneous 200kS/sec
Dual Core Ranges (Low)±10V (±500mV)±1V (50mV)±100mV (±5mV)±10mV (±0.5mV)
Gain accuracy±0.05% of reading
Offset accuracy (Dual Core)±5 (2) mV±0.5 (0.2) mV±0.1 (0.1) mV±0.1 (0.1) mV
Offset accuracy after Balance Amplifier0.2mV0.02mV0.02mV0.02mV
Typ. Dynamic Range@10kS (Dual Core)137 dB (152 dB)137 dB (147 dB)130 dB (132 dB)112 dB (112 dB)
Typ. SNR@10kS (Dual Core)105 dB (121 dB)104 dB (111 dB)95 dB (95 dB)75 dB (75 dB)
Typ. CMR @ 400Hz (1kHz)86 dB (96 dB)96 dB (95 dB)110 dB (102 dB)110 dB (102 dB)
Input CouplingDC
Input Impedance10 MΩ
Overvoltage ProtectionIn+ to In-: 50 V continuous; 200V peak (10msec)
Digital Filter (vs. Sample Rate)1kS/s .. 50 kS/s50kS/s .. 100kS/s100kS/s .. 200kS/s
Bandwidth (-3 dB)0.494 fs0.49 fs0.38 fs
Alias-free BandwidthDC to 0.42fsDC to 0.32fsDC to 0.22fs
Excitation VoltageFree programmable (16 Bit DAC)
Predefined levels0, 1, 2.5, 5, 10 and 15 VDC
Accuracy±0.05 % ±2 mV
Sense Impedance to Exc / to GND100 kΩ / > 100 MΩ
Current limit45mA
ProtectionContinuous short to ground
Bridge Connection TypesFull bridge, 1⁄2 bridge, 1⁄4 bridge (3-wire)
Ranges2mV/V...1000mV/V free programmable with Dual Core
Internal Bridge Completion1⁄2 bridge 1 kΩ and 1⁄4 bridge 120Ω and 350Ω
Internal Shunt Resistor59.88 kΩ, software selectable (others on request)
Input Short, Sensor Offset AdjustSoftware selectable
Counters (only on STGMv2+ type)

1counter / 3 digital input, fully synchronized and alarm output
Counter Modescounting, waveform timing, encoder, tacho, geartooth sensor
Input Level CompatibilityCMOS, LVTTL
Input Protection±25Volt continuous
Alarm outputOpen collector, max. 100mA/30Volt
Sensor supply5V/100mA; 12V/50mA
Additional Specifications
Input connectorDSUB 9, Lemo2B 8pin, Lemo2B 16pin (others on request)
TEDS supportStandard + DSI adapters

PC interface

CPUIntel Core i3, 1,7GHz, 3MB cache
RAM4GB (up to 16GB upon request)
Storage240 GB removable SSD
option: 960 GB removable SSD
option: 128 GB int. FLASH (for OS
Power supply9-36 VDC
Power outsame output voltage level as power in
GPS10 Hz option
100 Hz option + RTK option
Interfaces2x USB 2.0, 4x USB3.0
DVI-D external display interface
2x Ethernet LAN + WLAN
GPS antenna
GPS display/RTK modem (DB9)
EtherCAT® connector
4PIN Sync connector
Operating temp.0 to 50°C

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