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SIRIUS Line of Instruments

SIRIUS® Overview

  • SCALABLE from 8 to 1000 channels with no limitation.
  • Input protection and optical ±1000 V ISOLATION (SIRIUSi)
  • High measurement dynamics using DUAL CORE 24 bit ADCs up to 160 dB!
  • NO over range!
  • Sampling rate 200 kS/s each channel (up to 1 MS/s with SIRIUS high-speed).
  • Anti-aliasing filters.
  • Programmable analog outputs.
  • Smart real time counters (synchronous).
  • Customized slices with any channel configuration any input connector.
  • CAN bus (synchronous).

SIRIUS® Overview

The SIRIUS® line of instruments are built with one purpose in mind – to measure any kind of signal, anywhere, in any environment with precision and ease of use.

SIRIUS® systems use DEWESoft Dual Core ADC technology and are capable of 160dB dynamic range. DEWESoft improved the dynamic range by over 25 dB – achieving 20-times less noise.

Different SIRIUS® systems can be combined and synchronised together to expand overall channel count of the system.

SIRIUS® can be synced and connected with any other DEWESoft instruments as DEWE-43 or KRYPTON thought the ECAT Sync Junction accessory.

SIRIUS® Overview


Any SIRIUS® instrument can be configured with a range of available amplifiers to acquire data from virtually any kind of sensor source. Roughly amplifiers are split into three families:

High Dynamic
Dual Core
For full possible measuring range, 2x24 bit ADC @ 200 KHz
160dB dynamic range
High DensityFor highest channel count, 1x24 bit ADC @ 200 KHz
120dB dynamic range
High SpeedFor high bandwidth, 16 bit ADC up to 1 MHz
120dB dynamic range

Form factor

SIRIUS® comes in many flavours. If you need standalone instrument with built-in display or just USB DAQ device for you laptop SIRIUS® gives you possibilities for any application.

ModularUSB and EtherCAT®8 or 16 per slice
FanlessUSB/EtherCAT®8 or 16 per slice
BoxedUSB8 to 64 per system
R2DBUSB8 to 32 per system
R2DUSB8 to 32 per system
R3USB8 to 48 per system
R8USB8 to 128 per system
R8DUSB8 to 128 per system
R8DBUSB8 to 128 per system


The SIRIUS® line of instruments feature a range of options, extensions and accessories for:

  • SBOX Powerful and rugged PC option for SIRIUS®.
  • Analog Out Add 8 analog output channels to SIRIUS® slice.
  • Accessories Display, battery, mounting accessories.
  • DSI modules are expanding the functionalities of SIRIUS® amplifiers and can support almost any kind of signal and sensor. Analog: voltage up to ±1000V, accelerometers, charge sensors, strain gauges, load cells, pressure sensors, thermocouples, RTDs, etc. Digital, GPS, ARINC 429, 1553, PCM, Chapter 10, Flexray, CAN, RS232, Ethernet and more… Each amplifier channel is galvanically isolated unless otherwise specified.

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