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Torque Sensor Application – Rotating Torque Monitoring System

Inline Rotary Torque Sensors / Transducers are normally used in line with rotating shafts or nut runners for feed back control. For optimum performance, it is recommended to utilize coupling in order to minimize extraneous load & moments due to misalignment. When selecting the torque sensor, make sure to specify required RPM for proper sensor and related instrument selection.

FUTEK’s line of rotary torque sensors are strain gage type and are available with booth Slip ring type (300 series) with mV/V output or non-contact ones (600 series) with +/- 5VDC output. Both versions are also available with an encoder with “TTL” output for Speed or angle measurement. They are available in standard capacities starting from 0.5 NM to 1000 NM.


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