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E200 Optical Rotary Torque Sensors

Ranges 10 mNm to 500 Nm


The E200 ORT (Optical Rotary Torque) transducers provide an ideal means for precise dynamic measurement of rotary and static torque of less than 500Nm at high speed and high bandwidth.

Key Benefits:

  • Low inertia – High Speed capability because electronics are not fixed on to shaft
  • Non contact measurement – use of photovoltaic cells and lightweight gratings
  • High bandwidth (up to 50kHz)
  • 200% mechanical safe overload
  • High accuracy and resolution
  • Excellent noise immunity
  • Operates both statically and dynamically – Clockwise and anti-clockwise
  • Any full scale torque can be specified within the standard range: 10mNm through to 500Nm
  • Analog outputs (Voltage and Current) for Torque, Speed and Power via E201 or E202 Transducer Display Interface
  • Digital (RS232/USB) outputs via E202 Interface for connection to PC
  • E200 ORT Transducers are compatible with our older D Series instrumentation

E201/E202 Transducer Display Interface

A Transducer Display Interface is required with the E200 ORT Series (Optical Rotary Torque) Transducer.

Key Benefits

  • Automatically detects and sets the full-scale range of the appropriate E Series transducer
  • The display is automatically programmed to read the full scale of the transducer
  • ±5v analog output for Torque FSD
  • 90-250V ac or 12V dc operation
  • Lifetime Warranty

Additional features for E202:

  • Operates independently or under control from remote PC
  • Operates with TorqView to give advanced display modes
  • Two external analog input channels (Option only)
  • Peak readings can be displayed and reset manually or automatically
  • Options menu allows users to:
    • Set torque limits
    • Average torque readings
    • Set instrument display to feature other options (e.g. analog inputs)
    • Fast record facility

If an Optical RPM Pickoff is fitted to E200 ORT transducer, then E202:

  • Displays speed and power
  • Options allow users to:
    • Average speed readings
    • Adjust speed output full scale setting



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