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SIT 105/110/120 Strain Gauge Torque Sensors

SIT-105-110-120The SIT 105/110/120 strain gauge reaction transducers use modern wire foil strain gauge technology with the latest high performance stainless steel shafts.
Models are available in sizes ranging from 50Nm to 5000Nm, offering outputs from mV/V outputs, to ratiometric voltage outputs, to digital data connection via RS232 or USB.

An option of a bench mount housing is available for torque wrench test and calibration.

  • SIT 105 transducers with ratiometric 1mV/V output
  • SIT 110 with Scaled ratiometric voltage output, 2.5V zero, 4.5V CW FSD 0.5V ACW FSD
  • SIT 120 has both Ratiometric voltage output and RS232 output for connection to PC
  • SIT 120 extension module for the series transducers also offers:
    • USB digital output
    • User scalable voltage or current outputs, ±1V to ±10V, 4-20mA bipolar and unipolar



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