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TorqView Advanced Torque Monitoring Software

torq-viewTorqView is an easy to use advanced torque monitoring software application available to operate in conjunction with the RWT420 and RWT440 Series Transducers and any of the E102, E202 and E302 series Transducer Display Interfaces to provide a flexible display, real time plotting and data recording facility.


  • Simple installation using serial port or USB
  • User friendly, offers a variety of user interface settings such as scales, units, etc.
  • 3 types of display: dials, digital bars and chart graph
  • Wide selection of engineering units (SI, FPS, and MKS)
  • Displays torque, RPM, power and temperature
  • Data recording facility, real time plotting
  • Data files compatible with Matlab, Excel
  • Suitable for TorqSense® RWT420/RWT320, RWT440/RWT340 and RWT460/RWT360 Series Transducers and the SIT 120 Series Transducers. Also suitable for using E302 Display Interfaces, E200 ORT Series Transducers using E202 Transducer Display Interfaces, E100 SBT and E100 SIT Series Transducers using E102 Transducer Display Interfaces
  • LabVIEW VIs available for users to design own process control applications
  • DLLs available for users to write own custom software
  • User configurable settings



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